Dimore interprets memories and creates dreams.
We are storytellers and experience builders. We create designs and atmospheres that recollect. A juxtaposition of contexts, spaces and elements that evoke emotion. A nonlinear narrative blurring nostalgia, present sensations and hopes. Pairing, mixing and matching different time periods. Artisanal techniques transmitted through generations. Old and new. Vintage and contemporary.

References are at the core of our work. From meticulous research to the careful and rigorous selection of pieces, textures, perfumes and sounds; from abstract to palpable; from synapsis to result; every unit of the ensemble feeds the pleasures of the senses and represent the creativity of Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran. The unique and personal vision and taste coming from their individual and cultural interactions with the world provide substance and meaning to all details curated. Unexpected, yet justified. A materialization of passion.

Dimore is a home. An environment to be “lived in”. A series of moments and feelings. A fortunate surprise. An impeccable signature.


“The word ‘Dimore’ in Italian means dwelling but conjures up images of old villas clinging to their aristocratic origins. It lends the name a sense of nostalgia. I think it’s our DNA: we take a historical approach to a project to give it some roots, and then we inject it with more of a contemporary feel.” – Britt Moran